This blog is dedicated to the cattiness surrounding the New Republic, reflections on a group of intelligent yet fallible men who could agree on nothing and yet are often quoted as a group, and just in general Founding Douchebaggery &c.

So lots of Hamilton

Lots and lots of Hamilton

My confidence in the Integrity of Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Madison, in their love of their Country, and the sincerity of their desires to serve its interests and promote its prosperity, is still entire. Of their Genius, talents, learning, Industry, I am fully convinced, as all the rest of the World is. But either they are shallow statesmen or I am a natural Fool. There is no other alternative or Dilemma. Mr. Madison has more correct Ideas; but as he has been borne up under the wing of Mr. Jefferson he has been always shackled with Mr. Jeffersons visions and Prejudices.

― John Adams to Benjamin Rush, May 14, 1812

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